Going green is what we listen to every now and then, but do you know what exactly going green means? The environment that we livein is directly impacted by what we wear, use, consume in our day to day lives. Going green really means that, we become more conscious of ourselves and the environment in which we live and make the eco conscious choices of what we wear, use and consume in our day to day lives. And, one of the most major part of going green is wearing green. So, if you are an eco-friendly person, you would want to consider wearing organic cotton clothing. Say no to animal fur, wool, leather, and synthetic fabrics; and say yes to organic cotton clothing from EarthyWorthy. Here, you can get 100% organic cotton T shirts for men in Bangalore, where you have the option of buying predesigned Tshirts from world class Independent artists based on your interest or you have the flexibility to design and customize your own T-shirt.

Today, many environmental activists are raising the banner high for a greener society and eco-friendly alternatives to manufacture clothes. Many people are still unaware of the benefits that such organic clothing provide; so here we are to help you know why you should wear organic clothing and support the cause, paving the way for a greener future.

What is organic cotton?

Before we go any further, let us first understand what organic cotton is. Organic cotton clothing is made from 100% organic cotton that is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and other harmful fertilizers. Thus, clothes made from organic cotton are free from toxins and other chemicals. Also, organic cotton fabrics are coloured using low impact dyes and other eco-friendly materials, which ensure a clean and healthy environment.

Benefits of organic cotton clothing

  • First and foremost, organic cotton is highly benefits for our farmers, one of the most important links for every useable item we use. Organic cotton allows farmers to use low external inputs to work within their limits and environment. Such type of cotton does not use genetically modified seeds that require large investments and come with high risks of uncertainty.
  • Organic cotton is completely free from pesticides and harmful chemicals, the main cause due to which more than 70 million cotton workers suffer poisoning every year! Thus, with organic cotton, farmers’ lives are safer, also keeping the soil and environment healthy.
  • Organic cotton production uses lesser energy resources. Also, healthy organic soils store more carbon, which helps in 94% lesser greenhouse gas emission. Thus, organic cotton helps in combating climatic changes.
  • Organic farming creates healthy soils, which make better use of water inputs, and are more resilient in drought conditions. The waterways are also safe and clean, because the need for synthetic pesticides and fertilizers are eliminated, thus keeping water resources protected.
  • Organic cotton farmers are paid a fair price for their produce, which prevents them from being cheated by middlemen. Using fair trade principles, they also get a premium over conventional cotton.

With all of this, if you say that what good would organic clothing do for you, we would say that if you are helping your own country’s farmers and protect the environment, while also looking stylish, should there be anything better than that? You can thus do your part in contributing towards a farming system that is helpful for farmers, the public, as well as the planet.


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