When you’re having your first baby, you are most concerned about handling him in the best possible way and giving him the best possible care. That does not mean that you do not care for your second or third child as much. It’s just that by the time you are pregnant again, you already know how to deal with the little one as you’ve got enough experience with your first child. Nevertheless, you always want to provide the best to all of your children.

Is cotton the best material for a baby?

When it comes to give the newborns the best, one very important thing to be kept in mind is that these little ones are highly sensitive. Considering the sensitivity of the skin, parents want to always make their tiny tots wear nothing but cotton. But, do you know that cotton is also not the safest material for your baby!? Yes, it’s true that cotton is comparatively safer than other materials like silks and synthetics, it isn’t as harmless as you may think it to be. Cotton is in fact laden with in numerous chemicals and pesticides!

How can cotton be so harmful?

When producing cotton, there are multiple chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers that are used to grow the crop. Then, while processing too, many different types of chemicals are used to make it a clean fabric. One of the chemicals used in the process is formaldehyde, which is known to be dangerous to humans. This could be one reason why your baby may experience a rash, inflammation, or wheeze. But, we fail to realize this. We instead think of baby rash and wheezing as a normal process, and don’t consider any such factors.

What can you do?

Now, you may ask, if not cotton, then what could be safer? You can’t have your baby wearing other synthetic clothes, can you? Worry not. We have the answer to this too. You could very much have your little ones dressed in cotton; all you have to do is switch from conventional cotton to organic cotton. Organic cotton is the very same cotton, but one that is processed completely naturally, without the use of any harmful chemicals. Obviously, organic cotton is going to be a little expensive than conventional cotton, but the benefits and comfort that your baby will have will definitely make the expenses worth it!

Baby skin and diapers

When you make your baby wear diapers, you may definitely see them having a rash at some or the other point. But, you will still make them wear diapers because you can’t afford changing him again and again. After all, babies do urinate every now and then. But, this isn’t a wise decision. You must always have your babies covered in soft cloth, no matter how much effort you have to put in; you would at least keep your baby away from rashes and skin irritation. And again, to make those cloth nappies for your baby, you must opt for organic cotton instead of conventional cotton. Conventional cotton, when comes in contact with urine, will only worsen the sensitivity that the material can have with dry skin.

So, we would suggest that you give your baby as much organic cotton products as possible. Your little one definitely deserves to be comfortable and safe. So, give them the best right from the day they are born, and as they are growing fast with the days and months that pass by, you can always buy organic T shirts for kids in Bangalore from EarthyWorthy to have your little ones looking cool, and staying comfortable all day long throughout their growing years.


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