Sustainable fashion – what is it? The term “sustainability” focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Thus, when we speak about sustainable fashion, we speak about fashion and garments that satisfy the needs of people today, without compromising on the quality of the environment around. Thus, for a garment to be considered sustainable, it should be eco-friendly and ethically made.

While earlier, fashions used to last for months, and would generally change as per spring-summer fashion and winter fashion, today, fashion is changing so fast, sometimes in a matter of days! It’s insane how quickly people are switching fashions. However, there are certain brands that are still practicing slow fashion with sustainable clothing, focusing more on quality rather than quantity. And they are sure that their timeless pieces will never go out of style.

Types of sustainable fashion

Eco fashion – This type of fashion is focused only on the environment, and aims to keep the carbon footprint to the minimum.

Circular fashion – This type of fashion forms an entire circle, right from production to end life, and then being recycled back into a new product; thus reducing the usage of newer raw materials.

Zero waste fashion – We all know the tremendous amounts of wastage that is seen in the fashion industry, with piles of scraps and waste cuttings. And then, there are innumerous unworn thrown away clothes forming piles, and only adding to the waste. Zero waste fashion eliminates this wastage by using scraps in different projects, and fabrics being pulled out from discarded clothing to be reused.

Regenerative fashion – This type of fashion utilizes regenerative farming practices that focus on improving the health of the soil and increase soil organic matter, while also boosting the water holding capacity and seizing carbon at greater depths. This brings down the climate-damaging levels of atmospheric CO2 and improves soil structure; thus reversing soil loss.

Ethical fashion – This type of fashion focuses more on the way workers are treated. How affected are the workers because of the production stages and other elements used in the production of a garment, is what is of importance.

Types of organic fabrics

Organic cotton – This is one of the most popular sustainable fabrics. Because we wear cotton on an everyday basis, we need to replace the polluting conventional cotton that we wear today with organic cotton. Organic cotton is 100% pure cotton fetched completely organically from the farms, with no harmful chemicals used, and lesser water invested.

Organic linen – Linen looks rich, and when you get organic linen, nothing can be better.

Hemp – Hemp is another popular fabric worn as it has a lot of potential. It is a durable fabric that uses zero pesticides and also requires lesser space. Hemp is lightweight and absorbent too.

There are many other organic fibers like organic wool, lyocell, micromodal, etc. but the above three are the most popular organic fibers used.

How to shop for sustainable fashion?

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