Cotton is the most basic material worn by people in every household. But, while wearing cotton every single day, we don’t realize that conventional cotton is actually harmful for the environment. The way in which it is produced, the pesticides used, the gallons of water utilized, all of this harms the environment as well as the farmers involved in manufacturing cotton. This is why those who are aware of the fact, and those who are environment conscious, are considering a more organic alternative – organic cotton.

Yes, organic cotton is gaining popularity amongst environmentally considerate people, and these people are putting in efforts to help the world know about this eco-friendly option too. But then, there is yet another option that people are opting for, and that is bamboo clothing. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing, high-yield, low-input crop, which is now being used to make apparels too for nature loving people.

Bamboo clothing – What is it?

If you don’t believe how bamboo can be used to make apparels due to its hard wood-like property, we understand your point. But, it has been possible by crushing, pulping, and using a lot of chemicals and water to break down the bamboo to a point where it can be remade into a fiber. People are considering bamboo clothing as a better alternative to synthetic clothing, and are calling it eco-friendly. But, what they fail to realize is that although bamboo is a natural plant, it requires lots of chemicals to break the plant down into a fiber. So, in actual terms, bamboo clothing cannot be termed as eco-friendly.

Organic cotton – A better alternative?

In contrast to bamboo, organic cotton is a completely environment-friendly product as it involves using methods and materials that have a very low impact on the environment, without the use of any toxic chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers. Instead, it uses natural elements like cow dung, and then processes like crop rotation and mixed planting to grow and maintain a healthy crop, while protecting the surrounding environment and wildlife, and also the health of the farmers involved.

Bamboo versus organic cotton

Another interesting fact is that bamboo fibers are comparatively weak and stretchy, which makes a bamboo product stretch and look droopy over the course of time. And, as a matter of fact, if you look at the tags of bamboo products closely, you will realize that they are actually made only of 70-75% bamboo, which is mixed with 25-30% of nothing else but cotton! So, why not opt for cotton clothing instead; those that are made of 100% cotton – organic cotton? Organic cotton products are, on the other hand, are made of strong cotton fibers, which help retain the product’s shape, and last much longer than bamboo products. And, even better, these organic cotton products, when worn out, can be reused to remanufacture them into brand new products.

There is no reason to now think twice about using organic cotton products. So, you can now opt to wear organic cotton apparels rather than the regular conventional cotton clothing that you have been wearing since childhood. And, when you decide to do that, you can always shop from EarthyWorthy to get the best women’s and men’s organic clothing in Chennai.


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