Have you ever worried or wondered about where your clothes come from? Or, do you even realize how your clothing impacts the environment in such a harsh manner !? A basic cotton T-shirt that you wear is made from cotton plants fibers that are modified and treated with synthetic and chemical pesticides. And, do you even realize that one average T-shirt requires almost 2700 liters of water, which is enough to fill more than 30 bathtubs! Yes, it’s true. In fact, it has been researched that a conventionally grown cotton made T shirt is the 2nd largest polluter in the world!

So now, if you are one of those who says we must quit wearing leather and woolen clothes, and using such accessories, just because it harms animal life, what would you now say about the basic material of cotton? Should we quit wearing cotton too!? Well, we would say that you shouldn’t quit wearing cotton altogether, but yes, you must make a shift from wearing chemically made cotton to wearing organic cotton.

Now, what is organic cotton, you may ask. Organic cotton is that which is made using only environment-friendly processes and materials. It is made using an organic agricultural movement that uses 0% chemicals and much lesser water; thus having the least impact on the air, soil, and water. So, are you ready to switch to organic clothing?

How can you identify organic clothing?

In order to identify genuine organic clothing, you must look for an appropriate certifications mark. For example, a GOTS mark is a worldwide standard of eco-friendly textiles and fabrics, which stands for Global Organic Textile Standards. Ecomark is another eco-labelling scheme that was launched by the Government of India in 1991 for easy identification of eco-friendly products. This criterion is applicable to processes right from raw material extraction to manufacturing, and finally disposal of the product. So, while you shop, you can keep an eye out for these certifications. Also, you may look for other labels like “low-impact dyes” or “no chemical finishes”.

Future of organic cotton

Organic cotton has become one of the most popular fabrics used by environment friendly people. Those who are aware of the hazards that chemically produced products bring to the environment make sure to use only organic products. And, with the rise of such population even more today, the demand of such organic cotton has only grown in recent years. And, this demand is only set to grow in the future.

Switch to organic

So, switch to a wardrobe filled with only organic clothing. And, worry not. You won’t have to compromise on style. Organic cotton is available in the latest trends and designs too. In fact, you are fortunate to even design your own style of clothing when you choose to go organic! EarthyWorthy has made this possible by offering its customers the opportunity to design their own T-shirts. While you may shop for the readily available organic cotton T shirts for men in Bangalore, you also have the option of choosing to have your own preferred artwork printed on your T-shirt in your own choicest colours. So, go for it now, and lend a helping hand to save your environment, your planet!


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