Chemical dyes have been significantly present in the textile industry ever since production of even the most basic fabrics like cotton. And, the amount of dyes is only escalated when these grey materials are dyed in different colours. Thus, even the most basic of fabrics like cotton are loaded with chemicals; have you ever thought of that!?

You might have thought that only fabrics like silk, nylon, and synthetics can give you those allergies on the skin; now what do you have to say about the chemicals found in cotton!? The chemicals used in the production of cotton and the dyes used to colour the fabric to make it visually appealing cause various health issues, let along skin rashes and irritation. Some health risks associated with the chemicals and dyes involved with cotton fabric production include –

Cancer & tumour

The dyes used break down during usage and release chemicals known as aromatic amines, some of which can cause cancer once they get into contact with the human skin! Just like cancer, chemicals and dyes can also cause tumours. When such textiles are in extended contact with the skin, they enable the skin to absorb the toxic chemicals; and when this happens especially when the skin is sweating, tumours can be caused because during perspiration, the skin pores are open, thus inviting more toxins inside.

Liver and Central Nervous System problems

Certain chemicals used in the making of textiles also affect the liver, thyroid, and Central Nervous System. One such chemical is hexachlorobenzene, which is the most lethal and persistent chemical known to upset the hormones in the human body. Trichloroethylene is another chemical used that can affect the liver, kidneys, and Central Nervous System; and even more, it also causes the depletion of the ozone layer. And, to make it worse, all these problems are irreversible!

Toxic buildup in the body

We are kept healthy because of the discharge of toxins from our skin to balance the chemicals within our body. But, when petrochemical fibers are worn over the body, they suffocate the skin, hindering the elimination of poisonous substances. Thus, when the toxins are not eliminated, and are instead absorbed through the skin, they bypass the liver, and buildup toxins within the body, which triggers the onset of a number of diseases.

Hormone disruption

The chemicals and dyes may also lead to hormone disruption. The chemicals used can damage the endocrine system, which is a chemical messenger system that comprises of feedback loops of the hormones released by the internal glands directly into the circulatory system. So, you can imagine the damage done to your hormones when wearing such harmful fabrics!

As you can see, the dyes and chemicals used in clothing can have adverse effects on not only your skin, but your entire health too. It can damage your liver, kidneys, thyroid, Central Nervous System, hormones, and much more. Realizing this, more and more people are now shifting to organic clothing. Organic clothing is that which is made using the safest practices without the use of any kinds of chemicals and pesticides. These fabrics are thus safe to not only the wearers, but also the workers and the environment. If you want to switch to organic too, you can get online and search for EarthyWorthy green apparels in Chennai. Here, you can get a variety of stylish and trending organic cotton clothing for men, women, and kids alike; all made from the safest cotton at the most reasonable prices!


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